The downloadable photographs from the Wartime Photograph Archive can be used by anyone.
When you publish a photograph from the archive, mention "SA-kuva" as the source.
You may not use the photographs to mislead people. You may not use the photographs for unlawful or inappropriate purposes.

The popular Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive celebrates its first year anniversary with new material

The Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive, maintained by the National Defence University’s Production department, was opened in April 2013, and has since proved to be highly popular worldwide. The image gallery’s first year anniversary celebration on National Veterans' Day will bring with it new content, as the service will be updated with over 800 colour photographs and video material.

The eve’s eve of the National Veterans' Day on 25 April marks exactly one year from the opening of the Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive. Over the last year, this internationally unique open information service has been visited by over a million people from all over the world, resulting in a total of over 31.3 million image downloads.

The service update to be carried out on National Veterans' Day will make available over 800 rare and historically significant colour photographs from the time of the Continuation War, including photographs from the occupation parade of Vyborg.

In addition to the colour photographs, the update will incorporate the National Defence Force’s digitised news videos from 1940–1944, hosted in the National Audiovisual Institute’s online Elonet service, into the site’s search.

The new materials to be added to the service as part of the update and the nearly 160,000 black and white photographs already on display are all free to download and use. The Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive will also be made available through the service as part of the National Digital Library project, which will facilitate the work of researchers, for example. Anyone visiting the service can leave feedback on the photographs in order to add background information to the materials.

The updated Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive ( will open on National Veterans' Day on 27 April at 12 noon.